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No other business does it quite like RJ Designs. Much like our sign design work, our screen printing and embroidery services are a testament to our skill and precision. Our company always makes sure that you get the design you want—the way you pictured it. You may browse through this page for more information on our services.

We do not have a fixed price when it comes to our services. Our rates vary depending on the service, material, and design(s).


We can create decals, vehicle and boat wraps, banners, as well as signs for storefronts. As long as you need someone to make a sign that suits your needs best—regardless of the size—you are welcome to contact us.

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Screen Printing 

We can do single to six color silk-screening. We can do T-shirts, hoodies, bandanas, kozzies and more.  Screen printing is perfect if you want to print a design on a mass quantity of garments for family reunion, chruch activities, work, bands, sports teams.  There is two styles of ink we use plastisol & water base. Plastisol is the traditional screen print ink, vibrant colors downfall is think & heavy. depending on how well it is taken care (washed) of depends on the life & cracking. Water based inks are the same way but with water base it adds another way called "Dis-charge". Dis-charged inks are water base mix with a powder and when printed & washed it takes the feel, weight and any chance of ink cracking away from the shirt. If you hold a shirt with plastisol and/or water base up to look thru the shirt and ink, you will not be able to; as for dis-charge you will be able to. 

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Do you need your company’s logo embroidered or monogrammed on a shirt or hat? We can be of service. We can do this for hats, shirts, jackets, blankets, towels, horse blankets, and the like.

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You may read what our clients had to say about our work below.

Five-Star Ratings

You may read what our clients had to say about our work below.

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